Understanding Social Phobia as a Mental Health Disorder

Social phobia is also referred to as ‘social anxiety’. It is a mental health disorder that causes extreme self-consciousness and overwhelming anxiety in a person in various social situations. Most people believe that social phobia is a minor fear of people and socialization. In reality, social phobia ranks third on the list of the most serious mental health disorders in the world.

What is social phobia?

 Medical experts explain that those who have social phobia or social anxiety disorder feel a strong and persistent fear that people are constantly watching and judging them. Their biggest worry is that they would either be humiliated or would have to face embarrassment for their actions.

It is critical to understand that social anxiety disorder is not the same as ‘shyness’. It is actually a serious mental condition that can cause an individual to lead a very poor quality of life. Research suggests that people suffering from social phobia are also likely to experience other psychiatric disorders at some point in their lives (for example, drug abuse or depression). The same is not true for people with general shyness.

The fear of negative judgments/evaluations in social situations is the primary cause of social anxiety in an individual. Social phobia may be restricted to just one kind of situation, for example, fear of public speaking or eating in front of an audience. In severe situations, it could negatively impact almost every area of your life. It is also a chronic condition since it fails to be cured naturally over a period of time, that is, a person will not likely feel better over the years or gain control over the social phobia with the passage of time.

Symptoms and treatment

 Social phobia is usually identified with the help of these symptoms:

  • High intensity of fear, anxiety, and nervousness
  • Racing heart
  • Dry mouth (and/or throat)
  • Extreme sweating
  • Muscle twitching
  • Shivering/trembling
  • Blushing

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT is deemed to be the most effective treatment for social phobia. It helps patients identify alternative, more reasonable ways of responding to their feelings and thoughts. With CBT, you will learn to implement new behaviours that cause less fear and anxiety. You will also learn about helpful social skills wherever required. Cognitive behavioural therapy for social anxiety is slightly different from traditional counseling since it involves active skills training in addition to regular homework assignments.

At CBT Toronto, we specialize in treating social phobia with the use of CBT. Call us today to get help!

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Advantages of Increased Blood Flow

There is no doubt that proper blood circulation is a vital part of the overall health and function of a human body. A human heart pumps blood within the body’s circulatory system through the blood vessels. Red blood cells in the body have to perform the special task of transmitting oxygen to all the vital organs of your body thereby providing you energy and vitality. The human circulatory system and the vital organs work in sync with each other, which leads to increased blood flow within the body. The blood flow may come down if you have a condition or a disease that affects your circulatory system.

Importance of increased blood flow

An improved blood flow or circulation in a human body can benefit not only the heart, but also the muscles and arteries that are spread throughout the body. If there is an improved blood flow it will in turn improve the level of oxygen in your blood. You can even experience an improvement in blood flow to your vital organs if your oxygen level is improved by working out regularly and exercising your muscles. When you increase your aerobic activity and work out your body muscles, you benefit from improved blood circulation.

Reasons of poor blood circulation

There may be many medical conditions that can be held responsible for blocking or slowing down blood circulation. One of the most severe conditions is when a blood clot is formed internally. If there is a blood clot internally, it may restrict or stop the flow of blood from one part of the body to the other parts. The condition may ultimately lead to either massive damage to the arteries or may even result in a stroke. Other reasons for poor blood circulation include deep vein thrombosis heart disease and Raynaud’s Disease.

Merits of blood circulation

Improved blood flow and increase in blood circulation in your body can help in promoting organ function and cell growth. Your skin also benefits due to improved blood circulation. If your skin is healthy, it can fight infection and the bacteria that may come into contact with it. When a human heart pumps with complete force, the muscles present in the heart relax and the heart rate comes down.

Effects of increase blood circulation

You can feel as well as look healthy when there is an increase in blood circulation throughout your body. The skin gets a healthy color too. Your brain’s function can also improve with good blood circulation, which in turn will keep your mind both focused and sharp. You will also be able to handle stressful situations better by staying calm.

Important Tips For Creating A Website

Today, creating websites is fairly common. It seems that just about everyone knows somebody who has one or has built one in the past. Whether you want to share your thoughts, sway people’s world views or create an effective way to market your business, creating a website is a wonderful solution.

Of course, if you do not have programming experience or the expertise to design your own site, chances are you’ll want to use one of the many excellent website creation platforms that are currently available. When choosing your web host and design be sure to keep in mind how you envision your site and where you see it going in the next few years.

Many site building platforms are available for free, but they do come with limitations. WordPress offers a wide range of options that allow you to pick templates that can be used for your website design that range from simple, yet elegant to extremely sophisticated and functional for even a professional website.

Additionally, whether you are trying to change font colors, add a header or format columns, most of the features in these templates are easy to use. However, if you do get stuck and need a little help, there are online forums as well as numerous WordPress tutorials to get you back on track.

What Is Shared Web Hosting

If you are looking for shared web hosting, then look no further than Websavers Hosting. Starting a website should not take too much effort, and that is why shared web hosting makes so much sense. Here are some benefits that you should take into consideration.

First of all, shared hosting is outrageously cheap. You do not have to worry about breaking your wallet. Hosting starts from as low as $3 per month, which translates to a meagre $36 per year. Other hosting options, such as VPN and dedicated hosting, cost astronomically high when compared to this.

Second, you get a great amount of space and bandwidth for that price. Most hosts offer gigabytes of space and bandwidth that take a long time to go through. In fact, most users do not even utilize 10% of their resources since they are given so much.

Finally, shared web hosting is easy to use. All the technical stuff is handled by the hosting provider, and all you have to worry about is your content or your blog.

Shared web hosting makes a lot of sense if you are starting your own website or personal blog. It is an inexpensive way to get your presence on the Internet.